How To Calculate ROI for Link Building

Why Building Links Is Incredibly Important In 2018

Calculating the value of a link is something I’ve talked about a lot on my personal seo blog. Aside from the fact that metrics nowadays aren’t all that good and calculating the value of the traffic through a link is almost impossible (at the scale we build links at) the greatest way to calculate a link building campaign’s return on investment, in my opinion is to use the increase in top-line revenue based on the increase in organic traffic.

I wanted to start by showing some stats of a start-up we are working with. They came up when they first launched a month back and we’re getting some nice results already for 1 key reason: It’s super-easy to track.

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18 Link Case Study – £12k Per Year Link Value

Building backlinks is hard, there’s no doubt about it, but most people assume you need a lot more links than you perhaps actually need.

In 2017-2018 we worked with a client on a 6 month basis on our smallest link building service package. As many clients know we focus on 2 areas when building links:

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