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Ghost Marketing is a specialist link building agency providing specialist digital PR, content distribution & link building services to some of the world’s top brands. We blend technology and talent to achieve spectacular results, with all campaigns based on ROI as the lead indicator for success.

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Ghost Marketing is a bespoke backlink agency based in the UK. We help clients worldwide to generate more relevant, high-quality backlinks to their website. This directly results in higher organic rankings, more sales and higher profits.
We work with both brand new start-ups and highly established businesses. The strategies we implement vary based on the client and every campaign is built bespoke and from scratch based on the proven link building principles we’ve used for over 100 clients worldwide.

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We build our clients higher quality and more relevant backlinks than any other UK agency, resulting in higher organic rankings and increased sales through Google.
All of our backlink generation services focus on 3 key elements:

1. Relevancy
2. Authority
3.Traffic generation potential

You can read more detailed information about our specific approach to achieving these results by checking out our process page.

All links are built with the goal of generating traffic to a website. There are multiple reasons why this is likely to become a ranking factor of its own in the near future. Read our case studies for more information about the ROI of our method of obtaining backlinks and the results we have achieved for our clients in the past.

From digital PR style link strategies to personalised guest posting and creative content curation campaigns, our uniquely effective link building approach generates an unrivalled ROI for our clients, every time.

We’re 100% transparent in the way we build links, to the point that we’ve outlined our entire process in detail, including the exact link strategies we use and our detailed project management strategy.

For more information, click the process link above or get in touch with us today.

A strong link building service is key to achieving a successful, high ROI search engine optimisation campaign. Powerful backlinks are the only reliable difference between the sites that rank on the top of page 1 and the sites that are on page 2. Below is a screenshot from one of our campaigns for a business-to-business service provider.

As you can see, this campaign led to an increase in traffic of 280%, jumping from only 700 visitors per month to over 2,000.

Case Study

39 Links in under 4 months. 95% of which were relevant do-follow, contextual backlinks in an incredibly competitive financial services niche in London. With an average domain authority of 48, increasing organic traffic 280%.

Google is getting further and further away from ranking websites based on the number of links and closer to reviewing the site from a quality point of view in it’s entirety. In 2019, the number 1 ranking factor continues to be high quality, relevant backlinks, which is why our agency will continue to specialise in generating these more effectively than the competition.

Welcome To Ghost Marketing

Founded in 2012, Ghost Marketing develops bespoke link building campaigns for clients with the sole goal of earning our clients a 10X return on investment within 12 months.

Ghost Marketing, as of early 2019, is the #1 ranked link building agency in the UK. We are renowned for building high quality, white hat backlinks for clients worldwide across multiple verticals.

We have generated over 2,000+ links & built 1,000% ROI organic marketing campaigns for our clients, all achieved via press placements, referral traffic & increases in organic visibility.

Tom, Founder & Director of Ghost Marketing.

Our goal with Ghost Marketing is to be the best in a very specific area of digital marketing. There are a number of “good” agencies out there, but very few have been able to systematise white hat link building. In fact, this was voted the #1 aspect of SEO that agencies and large business owners have difficulty with.

The issue arises in that for competitive keywords, links are really the only factor that determines where a site will rank. High-quality links are the difference between ranking on the top of page 1 or ranking on page 5. When this is related to traffic and sales there is clearly no doubt that links equal drastically increased revenue.

The short of it is: To generate real results, you need real authoritative, relevant links pointing to your site.

Our White Hat Link Building Service

Site Audit

We check the website ensuring that your site is not over optimised for a specific keyword

Link Data Collection

The first step in the link generation campaigns is to build a list of potential sites that could link to us.

Link Generation Selection

Based on the budget & goals for the site we will select the most effective links for the campaign.

Time-scaled Strategy

This is a list of the specific tasks that will be implemented, along with the required dates of completion

Link Prospecting

Once we have our link type timescale set-up it’s time to actually find potential link prospects

Personalised Outreach

I will send each prospect a custom email, personalised for their specific business

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