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Links are still the number 1 ranking factor in Google. More high quality, relevant backlinks result in higher organic rankings and more sales through search. All our backlink generation services focus on 3 key elements. Relevancy. Authority. Traffic. All links are built with the goal of generating traffic to the client’s site, there’s multiple reasons why in the future this may become a ranking factor of it’s own. Read our 18 link case study for more information about the ROI of backlinks and how we work.

We’re 100% transparent in the way we build links, so much so we’ve outlined the entire process we use including the exact link strategies and the detailed project management, for more information click the process link below.

Our Process

We’ve worked with Ghost Marketing on many campaigns and found their quality and ROI focus of incredible benefit.

David Rees - IZY Capital

I’ve worked with Tom and the team for close to 3 years now. Having used a few SEO agencies in the past we wanted to get a specialist in the link acquisition stage. I like their approach and would recommend them for anyone looking to improve their organic rankings.

Toby White - Artimus Artificial Intelligence.

Having tried a few link building techniques myself, I never managed to see any return for my saas business previously. Since starting with Ghost Marketing, I have increased my profits by 30% and it seems to keep growing. I am looking forward to a long future with the team as they have been incredible.

Constantinos Santis - KeyworX

I used Toms service to inject some SEO power into our site. Over a 3 month period he managed to increase the position of a number of keywords, including a mid Google page 1 position for an very competitive and highly searched keyword. I’ve found Tom to be very knowledgeable and helpful and would certainly use again in the future.

Jon @ K9 Security.


Our Contextual Link Building Service Results

A strong link building service is key to achieving a successful, high ROI search engine optimisation campaign. Powerful backlinks can be the difference between ranking on page 2 and generated no traffic or ranking at the top of page 1 and generating thousands of extra customers.

professional link building service

Our link building results

Leading to an increase in traffic of 280% from only 700 visitors a month to 2,000.

A Quick Case Study 39 Links in under 4 months. 95% of which were relevant do-follow, contextual backlinks in an incredibly competitive financial services niche in London. With an average domain authority of 48.

Google is getting further and further away from ranking websites based on the number of links and closer to reviewing the site from a quality point of view in it’s entirety. In 2018 the number 1 ranking factor continues to be high quality, relevant backlinks.

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