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Auditing is our first step to gaining an overview of your business. This is where we create a full seo audit which includes; website structure data, on-page optimisation, crawl ability, image optimisation, link architecture and backlink profiling. We also decipher whether your website has received any penalties in the past from Google or whether it is likely obtain any in the future.

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Specialising in ranking clients websites quickly and safely, we perform the relevant code and content changes from the audit, tweaking and updating your website in the key areas that were previously problematic. Targeting the most profitable keywords for your location and industry. We also create effective content marketing and backlink generation campaigns.

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Reporting both on the rankings for the keywords previously established as well as integrating new profitable keywords into our strategy, so your business will continue to grow and rank for a larger number of profitable keywords whilst continuing to climb for the pre-defined keywords. All leading to increased traffic from the search engines. All our reporting is done monthly in PDF format.

The SEO OptionsAre you a Local or National business?

Local SEO - Google Maps

Local SEO Campaigns

Generating business in your local area, using local optimisation strategies that specifically target clients in your demographic.

These packages are for businesses looking to dominate an industry in a specific location, e.g. Cardiff, London, Essex.

You will rank in the organic search results as well as in the Google maps listings, leading to 2 listings in every search term and a higher click through rate as a result.

SEO Company Audit

National SEO Campaigns

National or Brand SEO campaigns for businesses or companies looking to create or develop a national or global brand.

Promotions are based around strategical SEO, involving creating content that will attract positive social signals and generate backlinks for clients.

You will receive a full SEO audit including a short term (3 month) and longer term (6-12 month) strategy on how to improve your site to develop into a globally recognised online brand.

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Why is SEO so important?Watch the video below to find out why

SEO Case StudiesLocal SEO


In early 2015 we took Leaflet Go Ltd. – A leaflet delivery company based in Essex from a non established website on page 3 of Google all the way to 2nd in Google for both their primary keyword phrases, all in less than 12 weeks. Drastically increasing their organic search traffic from nothing to hundreds of visitors a month, all locally targeted.

National SEO

During the latter part of 2015 and January 2016 we took from approximately 400 sessions a month to well over 900 per month in less than 4 months. That’s a double in organic traffic all through white-hat SEO. You can see the proof from the Google analytics screenshot below.

The servicesWhat can I do for you?

Local SEO - Google Maps

Local Google Maps Promotions

Ranking your business in the Google maps listings as well as in the organic search results for each locational keyword.

Social media marketing

Social media Management

Creating and managing social media profiles from a business point of view to help local businesses appear branded and authoritative in their area.

Brand SEO services

Conversion analysis

This focuses on improving your visitor to customer/client conversion rate, leading to more sales and clients from the same amount of traffic. Including mobile optimisation and social integration.

Mobile Optimisation

Ongoing seo advice and contact

Personal email and phone contact to me if you have any urgent queries or questions regarding your website’s optimisation procedure.

Keyword Research

Keyword research

Keyword research and analysis. Calculating and selecting the most profitable keywords for your business and budget.

Seo audits

On page optimisation

Optimising your website for the selected keywords, as well as keeping the user experience and conversion rates of your site high.

Backlink generation

Link building

Local link building campaign with a number of city and county parameters, targeting links from relevant authority websites in your local area.

Monthly SEO Reporting

Tracking and reporting

Monthly detailed reports of where your website is ranking, the benefits of the campaign, and any additional keywords to begin targeting.

Why Us?Ghost Marketing Logo

  1. Ghost Marketing provides professional SEO without the headache, we work in the background and will speak to you on a personal level when you need too, our full range of testimonials are published here.
  2. We aim to provide the greatest value for every campaign. We base all our campaigns on ROI and if we do not believe we can create a positive ROI in 6 months, we won’t take the project on.
  3. Prices are based on industry; competition, website condition, current rankings and other determining factors. As a result all proposals created will be individually price, unique and hence extremely competitive.
  4. I’m happy to say Ghost Marketing is now ranked #1 for Private SEO Consultant and SEO freelancer, 2 highly sort after terms. If you are looking for independent SEO consulting with a personal touch, don’t hesitate to contact me below.

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